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Come in and experience exceptional instruction in Classical Pilates Method. Build strength, flexibility and concentration in our warm, supportive atmosphere. No matter your fitness level, you'll be successful at True Pilates LIC.

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The Studio

True Pilates LIC provides a refreshing, fun and non-competitive atmosphere in a serene space overlooking the Manhattan skyline. You may meet other teachers and students working together in the studio at the same time, just as Joseph Pilates did in his studio on 8th Ave.


Fully equipped with Classical Pilates System apparatus (that’s kept spotless) including reformers, trapeze table (Cadillac), ladder barrel, wonda chair and spine corrector from the classic equipment manufacturer Gratz.


Upstairs from LIC’s vibrant Circus Warehouse (where you’ll enter and sign a release), the studio space is light and clean, well organized and friendly.

  • It’s the best way to start the day doing Pilates with Vivian.

    Miri C
  • It’s my pro-active stance against aging & the best thing I do for my body.

    V. A. T. (Retired teacher)
  • I always feel energized and strong after my Pilates sessions.

    Heather P
  • It strengthens my core & balance, keys to staying fit in my 80’s!

    Sybil L (Singer)

Training Options & Pricing

True Pilates LIC specializes in individually-tailored private instruction. It's the best way to learn Pilates and improve quickly, whether you're getting back to health or honing your marathon skills. We also offer a range of other options for students...


Whether you’ve practiced pilates before or not, your introductory workout at True Pilates LIC includes a personal postural evaluation and health history brief. You’ll experience our studio and teaching style, see if it’s a good fit for you, and enjoy a private pilates session.

Please email or call or text 917-841-4401 to schedule an appointment. 50 minutes.


A great way to get going with us! After completing your Intro Evaluation Session, get a great deal on your first five private sessions plus a free gift for only $330.

One per person.

Private Instruction

Individually tailored. All levels.

Single Session: $88
Five Session package: $420
Ten Session package: $820
Twenty Session package: $1600 (must take two private sessions a week)

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Duet Sessions

Advanced. Must book with partner.

Single Duet Session: $96
Five Session package: 

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Group Reformer Sessions

Some Experience.

Single Session: $48
Ten class card: $420 (6 month expiration)

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Mat classes

Small groups use an array of props for a fun fitness experience.

Single Session: $35
Ten class card: $320 (6 month expiration)

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Private. Quick workout on the apparatus for those in a hurry.

Single Session: $48
Ten class card: $420 (6 month expiration)

In-home visits

Train at home on your own equipment. 60 minutes, mileage rates may apply.

Single Session: $135
Five Session package: $665
Ten Session package: $1300


Studio Policy

  • Socks must be worn when working out.
  • No zippers on clothing, especially on the fanny and lower back.
  • All sessions are secured and paid for in advance.
  • All sessions are 50-55 minutes.
  • All packages have a 6-month expiration date.
  • New students must sign liability releases at the Circus Warehouse desk and with True Pilates LIC.
  • In order to maintain our professional atmosphere and support our excellent instructors,we have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.  If for any reason a session is canceled within 24 hours, clients will be charged for the session. Absolutely no exceptions. This is a small price to pay to keep the studio running and our instructors eating.

Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioningthis unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self confidence follows.

Joseph Pilates


Vivian Piccone Jung

Vivian Piccone Jung

Owner/Instructor View Details
Annie Rodriguez

Annie Rodriguez

Instructor View Details
Vivian Piccone Jung

Vivian Piccone Jung


Vivian Piccone Jung is a classically trained, third-generation Pilates practitioner. She holds full apparatus certification from the PhysicalMind Institute and has been teaching Pilates since 2005. Her primary training is the lineage Joseph Pilates->Romana Krysanowska ->Sari Mejia Santo (Romana’s Pilates)->Vivian. Vivian is also a certified Pilates Method Alliance teacher.

Vivian studied dance while growing up and also loved the visual arts. Before becoming a professional ballroom dancer, she graduated from Drexel University, Philadelphia with a B.S. degree in Design. She initially took up Pilates to improve her dancing technique but soon fell for it in its own right. Settling on Long Island, Vivian undertook in-depth Pilates training under the mentorship of Liz Gillies and several years later joined the apprentice program at Romana’s Pilates.  She was director of Riverhead Pilates in Riverhead, NY from 2012 – 2013. She currently owns two beautiful studios; True Pilates LIC and Port Jefferson Pilates.

As she considers learning to be a lifelong process, Vivian continues to train under master Pilates instructors as well as studying Tai Chi and Aerial Arts at the amazing Circus Warehouse. Her major influences in Pilates are Sari Mejia Santo, Cynthia Shipley, Yuka Tomita, Jamie Trout and Jerome Weinberg.  In kinesiology and anatomy she studies with Kate Cianella and Irene Dowd. Vivian is also grateful to Madeline Black, and Deborah Lessen for their influences on her work.

Vivian appeared as a supporting member for Liz Gillies in the “Trainer’s Edge: Body Lift” workout DVD.

Over the years Vivian created classes combining Pilates with other disciplines such as The Strip Workout, a class that combined sexy dance moves with Pilates mat (Newsday Newspaper mentioned her class in an article titled Everyday Woman is Going Exotic ) and Fusion Pilates, a class that brought martial arts together with Pilates.

Vivian was one of the first video podcasters in fitness (2006) when ITunes started hosting video podcasts.  She created a video podcast show that ran from 2006 to 2007 called Hottie Workouts that was listed in the top of the fitness category for several months.  On this program she not only taught workouts herself, she brought expert instructors to teach dynamic, 8 minute or less, sessions for the general public.  She produced the videos, and directed shoots for other instructors. (Here is a link to a brief article that talks about her show, now off the air, titled Featured Podcaster: Hottie Workouts.)

Vivian wrote a monthly column for The Port Times Record of Port Jefferson, NY on health and fitness. (A couple of her articles are listed HERE.)

Vivian continues the innovative spirit of Joseph Pilates, bringing her love of Tai Chi and Aerial Arts to her teaching. She welcomes students of all ages and all levels of fitness. Her goal is to promote a vibrant, creative and supportive atmosphere at True Pilates LIC.

Annie Rodriguez

Annie Rodriguez


Annie Rodriguez is comprehensively trained in the classical Pilates Method from True Pilates New York, where she studied under Sari Mejia Santo, Cynthia Shipley, Jerome Weinberg and Yuka Tomita. She obtained her full certification in Romama’s Pilates here in New York.  She is also an ACE-certified fitness instructor and holds a Master’s in African Dance Studies from New York University. 
A life-long dancer, Annie performed professionally in Colorado and NYC before focusing on teaching Pilates and dance full time. She worked in between New York and Guinea, West Africa for 3 years, where she co-directed a twice-annual, month-long international dance workshop with master dancer Youssouf Koumbassa. 
Annie is passionate about sharing her love of movement and its wide-ranging benefits for body, health and mood with others in a positive, fun setting. She is known for her transformative, empowering method of barre-style fitness and dance classes. In addition, she teaches African dance-based workout, BodyRhythm Dance. 
Annie continues her pursuit of knowledge about body-mind-spirit connection in many aspects of her movement practice, including Pilates, ballet, trapeze, yoga, surfing, and meditation. She is certified in Reiki Level I and most recently has learned to hula hoop.  Annie is a bright, fun and skilled teacher of Classical Pilates Method who can bring out the best in her clients and guide them to success. 


The Pilates Method

Pilates Method is a therapeutic exercise system that combines strength, stretch and control – with the most important element being control. It is a non-impact system of exercises and movements created by Joseph H. Pilates, a visionary in the field of exercise science. Pilates Method can be used to correct posture, increase concentration, help with balance, build internal and external strength, and so much more. Pilates Method is a safe and effective system that can be used by young and old, fit and out-of-shape, athletes or sedentary people. Pilates is most of all FUN! People who practice Pilates feel energized and competent, they are able to fill their lives with more joy because their bodies are healthy and their minds are free.

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The Studio, Instructing and Demonstating

The Studio, Instructing and Demonstating

Pilates History
Wall photos from studio demonstrating progressions

Wall photos from studio demonstrating progressions

Pilates History
At Jacob’s Pillow

At Jacob’s Pillow

Pilates History
Joseph and Clara Pilates and their teaching legacy

Joseph and Clara Pilates and their teaching legacy

Pilates History

True Pilates?

True Pilates LIC teaching techniques and methods trace directly back to Joseph Pilates via his own proteges, under whom our instructors trained. Like our associates at True Pilates New York, TPLIC@CW ensures clients experience classic Pilates in the pure, restorative form its creator intended.

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Contact & Directions


53-21 Vernon Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 10111
917-841-4401 (call or text)
See Map Below


Take the #7 Subway to Vernon/Jackson in LIC.
Subway and Walking Directions/Map


We’re in Long Island City, a block from the Midtown Tunnel entrance and upstairs from Circus Warehouse (where there’s plenty of free parking).
Driving Directions/Map

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Located upstairs at world-famous training facility Circus Warehouse TPLIC loves our location. Our students love it, too! Entering through the Warehouse, TPLIC students regularly thrill to feats of aerial acrobatic, contortion and dance prowess performed by renowned professionals and aspiring artists, alike. Talk about inspiring!